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Welcome to Crafted by Me - unique, hand made cards for that special occasion, or for someone special.

You’ve never seen this type of card before. They are not like the ones you see in the supermarket or the newsagency. They are not mass-produced in a huge machine and spray painted.

These are individually hand crafted, meaningful keepsakes. And we will ship for free to anywhere in Australia.

A friend, a cousin, mother or sister has taken the time to buy an individual card, has brought you up to date with gossip and tidbits of information, while wishing you a better day. A Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Bon Voyage, Congratulations on your win, or Sympathy on your loss. Perhaps sent with a teabag, “I can’t get to see you, but have one on me”.

Somebody reached out and touched you. In this crazy mixed up world, someone found time.

Maybe you can be that somebody to someone else out there.

I hope you can find something on my website to give a lift to someone you know who deserves it.