By now you will probably done all those little jobs you put off for years. I have. One neighbour started to paint the ceiling in one room, and now has done the entire inside of the house! Thats taking  it too far!

Instead, enjoy a browse over my cards and as the Australia Post is still working, Send a few funny or happy cards to some people and family, to give them some excitement in the confining lockdown. It will be a surprise. What person doesn't like a surprise? Good hunting.

On Easter Sunday night, at last we had rain here in Yarrawonga. It felt great to smell rain coming for at least an hour, then to see the gentle rain. After the lightening, the claps of thunder and after the long wait. We had rain that didn't disappear over Lake Mulwala and into NSW, but stopped here in town. Okay it wasn't a flood, but farmers, garden growers and all the local flora were sighing. After taking a big breath of course. I hope your Easter was relaxing and different. I've got today only to make a birthday card for a gret niece so I'd better get my skates on. Enjoy the world.

I've just returned from visiting Ballarat, where I grew up. After 45 years, nothing seems the same (of course). The memories of streets I had, are now wider avenues, and houses I took as landmarks are not there any more. I was off kilter as I drove around. The lake was still in the same spot, but seemed smaller. Couldn't possibly be, but relatives seem shorter, green fields are now covered with homes, progress moves at its own pace, and I must have blinked and fell down Alices' tunnel. Not sure if I found Wonderland but there you have it. I enjoyed craft alive the expo held in Ballarat this weekend. Looking at the quilts I used to make, and buying craft supplies for my greeting card making. I hope you are all looking toward the coming Easter. I better stay indoors making cards, because all that chocolate! I will be a sick old lady. I have put some newer cards up don't forget they quite often come with an assortment od sentiments. You can change the reason you are sending the card very easily. So buy a couple to keep in your desk, so you will be prepared.

I have taken many cards off the site, so I can load up some newer content. Don't forget that many of the cards come with alternate sentiments for the front of the card. Happy birthday, could be changed to congratulations for example. I supply all the alternate sentiments with double sided tape on the back. It is easy to pull off the paper and press the sentiment over the one already placed there. It gives you many options, in case you forget someones birthday. You will always have a spare you can use. We all love to receive cards. To be thought of, and shopped for, is very pleasing. Especially if you live far away from everyone in your family or friends.

Like many of you I have been living through a very HOT Christmas new year season. Even now on the 12th of January, it is still hot. I used to love the heat but now I hide in my house, because I can't stand sunlight of that severity on my skin. Suntans, forget it, I'll get it out of a bottle.  I can't go out without a hat, long sleeved top, SPF lotion and after an hour of hypnotism, so I am cool. I feel cool, I feel cool.The good thing, because of all that is, I can look at difficult cards to make. Or an "exploding box card". All I have to do now is figure our how to get this to you if you buy one. I'm working on it. I hope you had a safe peaceful season, and have managed to drag yourself back to the 9-5 circuit. I feel for you.

Christmas is nearly here. I am facing a few deadlines, so I'm trying to get my Christmas act into gear. While still trying to get a few birthday cards to family members in time for the actual day. Just goes to show, we all face pressures of performing. I printed many cards off, but didn't notice I had put the paper in upside down. So they were all unable to be made up. Blast! Now I have to start again, and order more Photo paper, and stop kicking the doors in frustration. Stay tuned I will add them to the site as soon as I can get the new paper. Cheers.

Finally got some more cards listed for you. See "Beautiful Bride" in weddings/celebrations. "Baby Girl Naming" in celebrations, "Paw Patrol" in Christmas, "Fastest Knitter" in Birthdays and a few other are entered. Go on a mystery tour to find them all. Remember when there are other sentiments listed, they will arrive with a glue strip on the back to make it easier for you to change the heading, if you like. The sun is shining and the miserable mood that's been hanging over for weeks, has lifted. Have a happy day.

I've tidied up some of the older cards, and have added some new ones. I have limited space, so I need to change a few listings every now and again. I have added  GARDEN ANGEL in Christmas cards, also THREE'S COMPANY in birthdays (with alternate sentiments) WINTER WOLVES in Christmas and birthdays, DRAGSTER in birthdays, PEACH BUTTERFLY HANDBAG in birthdays, BLUE ROSE WRAPAROUND in sympathy.

I'm back to the new camera to do photos on another twelve cards before listing them. While I am organising the underground water drippers (which have stopped working) to be fixed. I want to save my large garden as it brings so much peace to me. Ho hum, life goes on.

To allow for more recent cards, I have done some housekeeping on the site. We all need to blow out the cobwebs now and again. I have new camera, and Wowee I can take flowers of my Orchids. Successfully uploaded them, so I seem to be able to use this whizbang camera. My next task is to start photos of the new cards, and upload them to the website. First checking I haven't over exposed any of them, or heck, had my hand shaking when trying to be a photographer. I look forward to my next achievement. (yes, small minds and all that). Hoping you are all well and safe.