Like many of you I have been living through a very HOT Christmas new year season. Even now on the 12th of January, it is still hot. I used to love the heat but now I hide in my house, because I can't stand sunlight of that severity on my skin. Suntans, forget it, I'll get it out of a bottle.  I can't go out without a hat, long sleeved top, SPF lotion and after an hour of hypnotism, so I am cool. I feel cool, I feel cool.The good thing, because of all that is, I can look at difficult cards to make. Or an "exploding box card". All I have to do now is figure our how to get this to you if you buy one. I'm working on it. I hope you had a safe peaceful season, and have managed to drag yourself back to the 9-5 circuit. I feel for you.