I've just returned from visiting Ballarat, where I grew up. After 45 years, nothing seems the same (of course). The memories of streets I had, are now wider avenues, and houses I took as landmarks are not there any more. I was off kilter as I drove around. The lake was still in the same spot, but seemed smaller. Couldn't possibly be, but relatives seem shorter, green fields are now covered with homes, progress moves at its own pace, and I must have blinked and fell down Alices' tunnel. Not sure if I found Wonderland but there you have it. I enjoyed craft alive the expo held in Ballarat this weekend. Looking at the quilts I used to make, and buying craft supplies for my greeting card making. I hope you are all looking toward the coming Easter. I better stay indoors making cards, because all that chocolate! I will be a sick old lady. I have put some newer cards up don't forget they quite often come with an assortment od sentiments. You can change the reason you are sending the card very easily. So buy a couple to keep in your desk, so you will be prepared.