Love Heart Valentine


This is a classic Valentine's card in dramatic black and white. A large card with decopauge giving the flowers and leaves on the front, a 3 D feel. The card has only a white badge to show you where to write your own sentiment, or to place one of the others included "Be Mine" or "My Valentine".  Both of these sentiments have adhesive backs to allow for easy placement over the white badge.

Included is a gift card and same patterned envelope (a classy touch).

Also you can see the front of the basket (along with my finger) to show how the basket will look when it is folded together.

The other photograph shows the basket flat packed. Along with the strap that the little basket needs to create the handle. It is large enough to put a few chocolates in, or an engagement ring perhaps? The basket has adhesive strips already placed to allow you to push it all together. I can't mail a fragile box to you inside a flat envelope sorry.

Size: 20 x 20cm


Usual price: $12.00 Special price: $10.00 each

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