Roses Butterflies


One of the first cards I made, and fell in love with the craft. I buy the artworks, and the rights to re produce them. I can re print many of these cards. This one takes a while to hand cut all the pieces. It looks spectacular. It is a large card and stands like an easel (plate stand) with the stopper holding it in place. There is room for your wishes. And, what a choice of sentiments!

With love grandma,To my special friend, To someone special, Happy Birthday Nanna, HB Mum, HB Sister, HB Mom, of just Happy Birthday. ALso Best Wishes on your anniversary, BW on your retirement or just Best Wishes. With Love Daughter, W L in mothers day, and Thank You.

Now if you can't use one of those, you're not just thinking right.

Size:20 cm x 20 cm

$12.00 each

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